Structured and Siklu MultiHaul radios deliver large-scale, interference-free point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) communication for environmentally challenged businesses. When ingested by horses and cattle, high-quality Alfalfa and Timothy hay provide excellent nutritional benefits. Unfortunately, sensitive Wi-Fi gear doesn’t fare as well on the same diet. Regardless of the commodity, agribusinesses face unique technology challenges compared to other industries. Distance, pollen and dust are aggravating factors that occur on every agricultural campus – and the network simply must work in spite of them. Faced with that fact, guaranteeing robust and reliable network connectivity on a large, bustling agribusiness campus can be a challenging and expensive undertaking. Often, the technology must be ruggedized and specialized to deal with the relatively harsh environmental conditions associated with farming, ranching and other kinds of agribusiness. The backstory One of Structured’s foremost agribusiness clients, a leading exporter of hay and straw, faced exactly this dilemma. Their specific problem? Providing both wired and wireless network connectivity within five large barns and three office buildings, while also providing outdoor Wi-Fi. Their goal was to offer network connectivity capable of providing internet access for employees, guests, VoIP phones, security cameras, barcode scanners, and IoT devices such as scales and…

Keeping Your Power Protected

Rural Electric Cooperative Utility Poles

Structured provides a powerful boost to a rural electric cooperative by building a simplified, easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. A great irony for many rural power companies is that finding an attentive and responsive IT solution provider can feel like walking alone in the dark. This was the case for an 85-year-old rural electric cooperative serving…

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Surviving Fire and Flood: A Juniper Preserve Case Study

Juniper Preserve Case Study Image

Structured works with Juniper Preserve to protect operations and establish an IT architecture for bouncing back faster after disaster. “Fire” was the word on everyone’s mind at the beautiful Juniper Preserve, a premier resort community in remote Central Oregon. Nestled amidst an ancient juniper forest and flanked by the Cascade Mountains, the possibility of destructive…

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iland’s Secure Cloud Backup Energizes M365 Security

iland's Secure Cloud Backup

Oil and gas companies must explore far more than terrain and seismic reflection to remain nimble in an era of unstable prices and consumer pressure for decarbonization. While dealing with uncertainly caused by COVID-19 and ongoing calls from citizens, policymakers and businesses for lower-carbon futures, forward-looking oil and gas companies are capitalizing on technology to…

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Secure Critical Infrastructure Demands Proactive Measures

Electricity Infrastructure with Cityscape

By Collin Miller, Director of Cloud Security -- Given the emergency brought on by rapid spread of COVID-19, many businesses have been shut down or are transitioning to telework to comply with public health measures. However, for the group of organizations that make up our critical infrastructure, shutting down is not an option.  Critical infrastructure…

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Back to Basics – Inventory Documentation and Network Visibility

Calm Worker in Clouds

By Brad Pierce, Structured Managing Director of Security, CISSP/CISA/PCIP -- One of the first things you must do as a network or systems administrator is document. Oh, Documentation! The bane of IT professionals everywhere. In our harried work lives, it is a tedious, time-consuming process. Most people prefer to avoid documentation. But, when it is…

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David Douglas School District Boosts Achievement Via Access

Smiling Teacher and Students with Tablets

Enabling student achievement is core to every decision made by the David Douglas School District in Portland, Ore. A highly diverse school district, with more than 70 languages spoken among the students and a population that is 50 percent bilingual, its small-but-powerful 3-word motto “Learn Grow Thrive” tells a big story about how far heart…

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Proximity Tracing with BLE-Enabled Tech Answers Tough COVID-19 Safety Questions

By Jed Rabe, Structured Wireless Engineer, CWNE#280, ACDX#925, ACMPv8 Companies are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic with triage to their business structure and processes. For many, a distributed workforce of telecommuters provided the cure. However, for businesses that must interact in person with the public and are eager to resume normal operations, it is important to…

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ArubaOS 8: Enhancements over ArubaOS 6

A World of Mobile Devices

By: Structured Wireless & Mobility Engineers Jed Rabe, CWNE, ACDX, ACMPv8, and Don Wright, ACDX, ACMP, CWDP, CWNA, MGCA -- Clients rely on the team at Structured to plan, deploy and support their wireless infrastructure -- especially when that technology is from Aruba Networks. Improvements in the Wi-Fi standard, LPWAN, and indoor tracking and wayfinding…

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