By Craig Rhodes, Structured Data Center Solutions Managing Director -- World Backup Day 2024 is March 31. As it nears, this is a perfect time to reassess your data protection strategies. In today's digital age, where data breaches, ransomware attacks, and unexpected disasters are increasingly common, safeguarding data is not just a recommendation, it’s a necessity. This article delves into crucial data protection concepts, offering insights and strategies to fortify your data against potential threats. Understanding Ransomware is the First Line of Defense Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts your files, holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. It's a glaring threat to businesses and individuals alike. Protection against ransomware starts with a robust data protection system incorporating immutable storage, off-network backup copies, and the separation of metadata from data content. Modern systems are now using AI and Machine Learning for anomaly detection and behavior-based malware identification, ensuring that backups remain untainted, and recovery is possible without the risk of re-infection. A New(er) Threat: Double Extortion Ransomware This newer type of ransomware illustrates the need for IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity teams to work together to address this risk. In a double extortion ransomware situation, threat actors exfiltrate a victim’s…

Thriving in Distance and Dust

International Agribusiness Siklu MultiHaul Radio 2024 Case Study

Structured and Siklu MultiHaul radios deliver large-scale, interference-free point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) communication for environmentally challenged businesses. When ingested by horses and cattle, high-quality Alfalfa and Timothy hay provide excellent nutritional benefits. Unfortunately, sensitive Wi-Fi gear doesn’t fare as well on the same diet. Regardless of the commodity, agribusinesses face unique technology challenges compared…

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Keeping Your Power Protected

Rural Electric Cooperative Utility Poles

Structured provides a powerful boost to a rural electric cooperative by building a simplified, easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. A great irony for many rural power companies is that finding an attentive and responsive IT solution provider can feel like walking alone in the dark. This was the case for an 85-year-old rural electric cooperative serving…

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Surviving Fire and Flood: A Juniper Preserve Case Study

Juniper Preserve Case Study Image

Structured works with Juniper Preserve to protect operations and establish an IT architecture for bouncing back faster after disaster. “Fire” was the word on everyone’s mind at the beautiful Juniper Preserve, a premier resort community in remote Central Oregon. Nestled amidst an ancient juniper forest and flanked by the Cascade Mountains, the possibility of destructive…

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Identify, Connect & Protect at the Edge

Aruba ESP Edge Computing

By the Structured Enterprise Networking Team In modern network architectures, more and more data is being generated, analyzed and stored at the “edge” -- not in a traditional data center. That edge better serves users of ubiquitous mobile devices like laptops, phones, and tablets because it puts them closer to their applications and data. But…

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Fast, Secure Backup and Recovery Powered by Veeam® Cloud Connect

Modern Data Protection

By Darrell Bowmer, Lead Engineer, Data Center Services, Structured Some business disruptions are difficult, if not impossible, to come back from without significant tried-and-tested contingency planning. One of those incidents is data loss, be it through human error, a software or hardware failure, or a malicious attack via ransomware. The best way to protect your…

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The Amazing Upside of Millimeter Wave P2P/P2MP Links

Millimeter Wave

By Jed Rabe, Senior Wireless Engineer, CWNE#280, ACDX#925, ACMPV8 -- DEFINITION: A band of spectrum which utilizes wavelengths from 30GHz to 300GHz. The wave lengths are between ten to one millimeter in length. The millimeter wave band is above the micro-wave band and is typically used for similar applications.  Background: Recently I was involved in…

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Future of Work: It’s about apps, data & UX

Remote Worker with Dual Screens

By Chris McDuffie, VP of Cloud Architecture -- In a bold proactive move to quash prolonged uncertainty over “return to work” scenarios, many high-profile tech companies are allowing employees to work from home for months, a year, or even indefinitely. For most enterprises with less advanced tech, offering the same distributed workforce option is a…

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Proximity Tracing with BLE-Enabled Tech Answers Tough COVID-19 Safety Questions

By Jed Rabe, Structured Wireless Engineer, CWNE#280, ACDX#925, ACMPv8 Companies are surviving the COVID-19 pandemic with triage to their business structure and processes. For many, a distributed workforce of telecommuters provided the cure. However, for businesses that must interact in person with the public and are eager to resume normal operations, it is important to…

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