Vancouver Clinic Improves Patient Care and Embraces IoT With Aruba’s Mobile-First Network

Washington Healthcare Provider Opens its First Neighborhood Clinic in Partnership with Humana to Deliver Enhanced Patient Services using Mobile Technology


By Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE: HPE), today announced that Vancouver Clinic has deployed Aruba’s mobile-first network with ArubaOS 8 to deliver secure mobility. The network will help doctors and nurses become more efficient and deliver higher quality patient care in Vancouver Clinic’s seven regional locations and new neighborhood clinics.

Founded in 1936, Vancouver Clinic provides high-quality private healthcare, urgent care facilities, and regional and neighborhood clinics to patients across the Southern Washington area. Its existing network was unable to support the requirements of a mobile-first healthcare environment.

“Our outdated infrastructure made it difficult to add modern healthcare services and deliver reliable connectivity for staff, nurses, and doctors to access patient records and utilize medical devices,” said Eric Davis, IT Infrastructure Architect, Vancouver Clinic.

Working with leading solutions provider Structured , Vancouver Clinic deployed Aruba Access Points and Mobility Controllers, Access Switches, AirWave for network management and visibility, and ClearPass for full wireless and wired Network Access Control (NAC). These solutions help manage and secure the infrastructure for all locations from a central point of control.

Aruba’s ArubaOS 8 was also a key factor in Vancouver Clinic’s decision to select Aruba. With Mobility Master , which has the ability to do hierarchical folders and clustered controllers, the Clinic can perform live network upgrades without interrupting connectivity for staff, nurses, and physicians.

Pervasive Wi-Fi for Employees and Guests

In addition to secure connectivity for Vancouver Clinic’s medical devices and computers, employees can securely onboard their mobile device of choice. From their devices they can communicate with other staff through their messaging app, Telemediq , and can update patients’ health records with the Epic mobile app. Additionally, the wireless network enables mobile scribe applications for physicians’ assistants to take notes and smart pagers.

Because more than half of the devices that connect to Vancouver Clinic’s network belong to patients and their visitors, the Aruba infrastructure also delivers a simple-to-use guest connection that keeps guest traffic separate from the Clinic’s infrastructure traffic.

Vancouver Clinic is also using Aruba remote APs (RAPs) to provide call center employees with a pre-configured, secure connection from their home office. Instead of managing VPN software client connections, the employees can seamlessly and securely connect to the Clinic’s corporate network using the RAP as a VPN appliance to assist patients more efficiently.

ClearPass Provides IoT Security Across the Wired and Wireless Network

A key factor in the IT team’s decision was Aruba ClearPass , which addresses Vancouver Clinic’s security concerns as they add more IoT devices to their network including portable EKG machines, heart rate monitors, temperature sensors on vaccination refrigerators, and wireless cameras. ClearPass allows the IT team to quickly and easily create policies for authenticating and onboarding these devices.

“With ClearPass, we want to be able to take control of the network by authenticating and authorizing each device individually, whether they are wired or wireless,” said Davis. “By integrating ClearPass with the rest of our Aruba mobile-first network, we can embrace IoT, adding new types of devices quickly and easily.”

Moving forward, Vancouver Clinic is confident that its new Aruba infrastructure will help the organization meet its current and future requirements, including the organization’s new neighborhood clinic locations.

Said Davis, “With our Aruba mobile-first network in place, we can address our challenges and adopt a next-generation approach to healthcare.”

About Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

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