Map Apps, Compete at Scale

From the smallest businesses to the largest global firms, nearly every organization has a cloud strategy. Cloud means business agility. 

But despite massive adoption, businesses still struggle with some fundamental elements of their hybrid and multicloud environments. Hybrid and multicloud architectures are complex, and this complexity does make them difficult to manage and secure. Controlling costs can also be tough.

The top obstacle for most firms is understanding application dependencies and whether it is technically feasible to house an application in the cloud. Mapping relationships among applications and their supporting infrastructure within an organization, much less across cloud platforms, has always been difficult to do. Some legacy apps are notoriously difficult to migrate. 

Solving Complexity in Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

To fully understand app dependencies, it is important to understand the underlying network, its connectivity, security, and the desired end-user experience. Structured’s broad experience across IT facilitates a comprehensive discovery and planning process, ensuring a much smoother migration for cloud-ready apps and a more optimized experience for end users once the app begins to run in its new home. 

Ultimately, organizations measure the success of their hybrid and multicloud strategies through cost savings (both in capital and operational expenditures), agility in speeding goods and services to market, and value delivered to internal lines of business. Leaping blindly into cloud will not yield these results. Careful planning, proper vendor selection, responsible management, and a focus on desired outcomes are required. 

Structured excels at dependency mapping and can help organizations chart and understand their unique environments – including whether a legacy app is suited for the cloud. This improves user experience, strengthens security, and helps firms control cloud spend.

Chris McDuffie

Structured Professional Spotlight

Chris McDuffie, Vice President Cloud Architecture

As the VP of Cloud Architecture for Structured, Chris manages strategies for application delivery and hybrid cloud infrastructures. His 30+ years of experience in business operations, IT leadership, and consulting enable him to focus on business strategies that promote secure collaboration, growth and employee engagement. Chris is also an avid hiker, spending as much spare time as possible trekking through Disney parks.