Navigating the Broadcom Acquisition: Which Path is Right for You?

Like many customers, you may feel that your VMware environment is becoming a complex, costly burden. The recent Broadcom acquisition has many concerned about the future of their cloud computing and virtualization technology infrastructure and operations.

There are two ways to approach this acquisition; both will keep your business and goals at the center. You can either migrate entirely to Nutanix or leverage the strengths of both VMware and Nutanix solutions and implement a dual vendor strategy. 

Which vendor strategy is best for you?

Complete Migration to Nutanix

  • Simplification: Reduces complexity by managing everything on a single platform, leading to less overhead and easier administration.
  • Innovation: Nutanix prioritizes continuous development, ensuring access to cutting-edge features and integrations.
  • Cost Savings: Transparent pricing model with potential cost reduction compared to VMware, especially with the migration promotion.
  • Improved Performance: Nutanix excels in performance and scalability, particularly for SAN-level workloads.
  • Enhanced Security: Built-in security features like VM-level encryption and disaster recovery for better data protection.

Dual Vendor Strategy

  • Competition: Creates leverage for negotiating better pricing and terms with both vendors.
  • Flexibility: Allows choosing the right tool for each task, optimizing capacity and lead time.
  • Preserve Existing Investments: Can leverage existing VMware infrastructure while integrating Nutanix for newer projects.
  • Higher Costs: Dual licensing and potentially higher support costs from both vendors.
  • Complexity: Managing two vendors can increase complexity and require more administrative effort.

Concerns for existing VMware customers

Since Broadcom acquired VMware in November 2023, several concerns have emerged for existing VMware customers. Here are some of the critical issues:

Increased costs and licensing changes:

  • Unpredictable pricing: Broadcom has changed how VMware products are bundled and sold, potentially leading to higher costs for specific solutions like vSphere, vSAN, and vRealize.
  • Reduced transparency: Customers might face limited options and unclear pricing structures, making it difficult to budget accurately.
  • Longer payback periods: Changes in storage investments and the adoption of new technologies like DPUs could result in delayed returns on investment.

Reduced support and channel access:

  • Limited support resources: Broadcom has terminated many VMware reseller, distributor, and service provider contracts, potentially diminishing installation and support options.
  • Potential compatibility issues: The shift to a direct sales model for large customers could affect the availability of qualified personnel and hardware vendor compatibility.

Stifled innovation and product development:

  • Focus on short-term gains: Broadcom’s priority on financial returns might hinder VMware’s traditional commitment to innovation and feature development.
  • Reduced updates and features: Customers might encounter fewer product updates, limited new features, and potential compatibility issues with future technologies.

Additional concerns:

  • Vendor lock-in: Reliance on a single vendor (Broadcom) could decrease bargaining power and limit opportunities for negotiating better prices and terms.
  • Geopolitical considerations: Depending on local regulations, choosing the best vendor for each region or market might necessitate a dual vendor strategy.

VMware to Nutanix Migration Promotion

Nutanix offers a simpler, more affordable, and future-proof alternative to VMware. Understanding your concerns, Nutanix has launched a promotion to streamline your process if you migrate from VMware. 

Nutanix, a proven virtualization and cloud platform, is offering new customers a chance to migrate from VMware and receive one year of Nutanix licensing free, as well as deployment and migration services for migrating workloads running on VMware vSAN or ESXi to the Nutanix Cloud Platform. 

This limited-time offer will help organizations minimize migration and dual operational costs during the transition. You can find more details about the promotion and an eligibility summary at

Why Trust Structured as Your Migration Partner

Structured has decades of experience working in both VMware and Nutanix environments. Our highly certified engineers are capable of working with both technologies and understand best practices for successful migrations and implementations. 

Need more proof? 

Structured engineers hold a bevy of certifications from both manufacturers, including:

  • Nutanix Sizing Associate
  • Nutanix Certified Associate 6
  • Nutanix Certified Associate – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCA-MCI)
  • Nutanix Certified Professional
  • Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)
  • VMware VSP 5
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization
  • VMware Technical Solutions Professional – Server Virtualization

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