Validate Your Code

APIs are the bridge between applications, but they also are the front door to sensitive information like user identities, business data and application logic. Failure to secure this critical code has led to highly publicized breaches where the result was mass data exfiltration – seriously damaging customers and suppliers in addition to the exploited businesses.

Effective software development, or “Dev” for short, combined with IT operations, or “Ops,” benefit from a secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) — which also gives a much needed boost to application security (AppSec) and security operations (SecOps) teams.

Solution: A Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Software developers should freely focus on building great features into their APIs. IT operations and security operations professionals, who wear numerous hats, need to be able to rely on automated security functions that occur throughout the software development lifecycle.

This is where API security management really shines. A secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) tightly connects development, operations and security functions by addressing vulnerability management at the outset of application development. Continuous security monitoring throughout the DevSecOps flow can help organizations avoid crippling, problematic code beset with vulnerabilities to business logic or access control.

Done correctly, SSDLC requires continuous automated analysis of vulnerabilities that may emerge with changes to application logic and user access controls. Software developers, who may be great at coding for smooth functionality or rich features, are not always the most knowledgeable of or adept at security. This is a common problem, but easily fixed if companies approach APIs and app creation with an integrated “security by default” approach.

Best yet, speed is not sacrificed with the extra security. Modern monitoring tools can perform thousands of validations in minutes.

Protect users, apps, data – and your reputation – by validating your code. Structured can help organizations achieve this level of security with API Security Management from APIsec™.