Productivity Any Time, Any Place

As we all know, COVID-19 massively accelerated a growing trend toward workforce mobility, commonly known as remote work. Almost overnight, IT leaders were asked to extend network resources into the private homes of nearly every employee. The challenges, daunting. Connectivity issues — some employees just did not have adequate internet access for the job — and a paucity of hardware like laptops, monitors, remote access points, printers, and more amplified the troubles.

Further, the scramble to keep the lights on upstaged critical issues like security and application performance, but it wasn’t long before those issues returned to the spotlight.

Solutions for Application Delivery & Secure Remote Work

Now that we know a significant percentage of our nation’s workforce will continue to operate from home – at least part time – firms need help correcting inadvertent oversights to security and performance made during the rush to go remote. Fortunately, when it comes to a remote workforce, security and performance are not mutually exclusive.

Structured possesses a deep consulting and engineering bench to help customers maintain a secure and productive remote workforce, including the incorporation of Zero Trust principles like MFA and robust application and desktop delivery for every user.

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