Unparalleled Performance at the Edges

Most companies manage myriad telecommunications and internet service technologies across multiple global providers: carrier ethernet, MPLS, cellular wireless, broadband internet and many more. For multisite organizations leveraging the cloud with SaaS and IaaS, network and internet transport services are complex. And they can be very expensive. When you throw in 5G and edge computing, the game changes even more.

Solutions for Optimized and Secure Connectivity

While Structured doesn’t sell the circuits or the internet services inherent in connectivity solutions, we do help customers manage, secure and optimize their wide area networks (WANs), including their connections to public cloud and “as a Service” providers.

Structured offers SD-WAN and WAN optimization technologies and services to improve connectivity and performance over geographically dispersed networks. We also can assist with carrier management.

David Ritchey

Structured Professional Spotlight

David Ritchey, Enterprise Networking Director

As the Enterprise Networking Director at Structured, David manages large and complex customer projects for enterprise LANs and WANs. A 20-year IT veteran, he is adept with the technologies and products from most major manufacturers and has significant experience working with ATM, MPLS, frame-relay, ISDN, Ethernet switching, dynamic routing, and internet services configuration and maintenance. Security and regulatory compliance is also of utmost concern in the projects he manages. More personally, this summer David was elected president of the board of directors for MINET (Monmouth Independence Network) which serves fiber to the home in the Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas areas.