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It is a mobile world. People everywhere already depend on robust wireless access for their devices no matter where they are: at home (especially when they work or learn from home), at a workplace, at school, in stores, or at play. 

It happened quickly, but mobile and wireless devices are ingrained in modern life and they extend far beyond smartphones and tablets. Wearables, entertainment consoles, kiosks, and a plethora of IoT sensors for healthcare, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, transportation, education, science and more will make life easier – but voice and data traffic management much, much more complicated. Establishments that don’t maintain their wireless infrastructure to meet explosive demand risk falling far behind…fast.


Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 5G are complementary technologies promising to do away with latency and performance issues arising from density, device diversity, and the increasing sophistication of apps. Wi-Fi 6, which will remain the access standard of choice for most enterprise indoor networks, lets multiple devices with varying bandwidth needs transmit packets in parallel, effectively unclogging a data superhighway. Unlike Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), devices no longer compete when sending or receiving data.

Meanwhile, 5G — which suits access requirements for users on the move outdoors — offers higher peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, massive network capacity and super reliability over its 4G LTE predecessor. Together, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G technologies will work together, seamlessly optimizing user experiences across both network types.

Due to this, superior wireless IT infrastructure performance across the enterprise has become a business-critical requirement. In order to attract and retain customers, companies need to offer fast, responsive Wi-Fi and an amazing experience. For employees, the same applies. And, to accommodate the growing number of mobile and IoT devices, improvements to the efficiency of a wireless network – and how it handles congestion and ever-increasing capacity demands has become a key factor of success.

Structured helps IT build a secure foundation for effective workforce mobility. We excel in designing architectures and building policies that permit secure, seamless device on-boarding and user access to authorized resources, apps and data – from anywhere.

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Cheryl Hanna

Structured Professional Spotlight

Cheryl Hanna, Network Engineer – ACMP, ACCP

As an experienced and highly sought-after Network Engineer for Structured, Cheryl designs, configures and monitors customer networks – especially when hands-on work is required for WLANs and firewalls. But even though Cheryl is embedded in network projects year-round, she does find a little time in the winter to break away. On great powder days, you may just find her snowboarding at one of the region’s resorts.