Modern Apps Need Modern Transport

Once upon a time, enterprise applications were housed in corporate data centers. WAN traffic from branch offices and remote users was routed back to corporate for advanced security inspection and then out to where it needed to go… and back again.

Although this construct caused latency, poor user experience and lost productivity, it was the best a company could hope for.

Until it wasn’t.

SD-WAN is the Solution

An SD-WAN allows organizations to use their choice of transport services — including relatively inexpensive broadband internet – to securely connect far-flung users to network resources, apps and data, including those resources, apps, and data residing in the cloud.

Carriers cease to matter as much in this virtual WAN architecture that centralizes control to intelligently direct and prioritize traffic across the WAN. This decreases bandwidth requirements while improving quality of service (QoS), visibility, and security across the network.

Implementing SD-WAN in your network is the right decision, and it is less disruptive to deploy than you might realize. Talk to a Structured specialist today and begin to realize the full benefit of your hybrid and multicloud architectures.

A Structured Conversation About SD-WAN

David Ritchey, Structured’s Director of Enterprise Networking, discusses how SD-WAN technology accelerates business by cutting costs, improving network reliability and enhancing performance.

David Ritchey

Structured Professional Spotlight

David Ritchey, Enterprise Networking Director

As the Enterprise Networking Director at Structured, David manages large and complex customer projects for enterprise LANs and WANs. A 20-year IT veteran, he is adept with the technologies and products from most major manufacturers and has significant experience working with ATM, MPLS, frame-relay, ISDN, Ethernet switching, dynamic routing, and internet services configuration and maintenance. Security and regulatory compliance is also of utmost concern in the projects he manages. More personally, this summer David was elected president of the board of directors for MINET (Monmouth Independence Network) which serves fiber to the home in the Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas areas.