When Uptime and Agility Matter

IT infrastructure is pivotal in delivering on the promise of digital transformation. Organizations are modernizing applications, cutting inefficiencies out of internal operational processes, identifying new revenue opportunities, streamlining supply chains, and much more.

All these things rely on high-performing, resilient and manageable compute and storage infrastructure, whether it resides in an on-premises data center, in the cloud, or across clouds.

How Virtualization, Compute and Storage Enable Modernization

One side effect of digital transformation is exponential data growth. Today’s apps and workloads must run on infrastructure that is scalable, elastic, optimized and cloud-compatible. These pressing demands resulted in a new generation of virtualization, storage and computing technologies that meet the rules for the new information economy.

Uptime is a mandate, not a convenience. Structured can help you transform your data center into a flexible, responsive business driver that is secure and stable enough to accommodate a distributed workforce running the most demanding applications.

Ty Trabosh

Structured Professional Spotlight

Ty Trabosh, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO for Structured, Ty provides vision, direction, and executive management supporting Structured’s ever-growing technical teams. Committed to family (his own and the larger Structured team he leads), intellectually curious and compassionate, Ty embodies the best of what can happen when an engineer’s mind meets a leader’s heart.