Discussing Digital Disruption in Healthcare

Anyone who’s visited a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office knows technology is everywhere in medicine. Patient intake happens on handheld devices or kiosks. Practitioners chart in cloud-based EHR systems via tablets or laptops and send e-prescriptions right to pharmacies. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) biosensors like glucose monitors, pacemakers, and ingestible smart pills are genius, but hardly new. Families of patients depend on robust Wi-Fi access to wayfind in large hospital complexes or to pass time in a waiting room by surfing the internet or streaming video.

And now telehealth, once relegated to rural healthcare, is mainstream – bringing together practitioners and patients via video for safe, convenient consultations.

Although vastly different technologies, each has this in common: They require reliable connectivity; secure, optimized and integrated infrastructure; and smart, AI-driven analytics to automate operational functions, or at least capture and crunch data for human review.


Structured specializes in regulatory compliance for healthcare, offering assessments and remediation services to identify and close security gaps – allowing you to sail through rigorous HIPAA and HITECH audits and meet ever-evolving standards for protecting PHI.

Structured has a full complement of compliance services for the healthcare industry, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, control validation, and regulatory gap analysis/compliance audits.

Consider working with us to meet regulatory requirements for:

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