Offload, Automate and Go

As infrastructure grows, visibility shrinks – as does the time available to manage everything. When problems arise in today’s complicated networks, it can be difficult to address root cause – always costly in terms of hard dollars and lost time. Add in the complexity of modern security requirements and your team is no longer in the driver’s seat – it is being driven to distraction. 

Wise companies with stretched resources simplify. They turn to a reliable alternative, a trusted partner to manage and automate key aspects of the network to regain control, meet performance goals, boost security and exceed end-user expectations. 


Structured’s Managed Services for digital infrastructure help you build, monitor, manage and support your enterprise and data center networks, regardless of vendor. Our skilled staff and proactive monitoring and management system reduce network complexity and gain optimal performance for your business.

Our services proactively close vulnerabilities. Outsourcing and automating allows you and your team to focus on projects that will drive growth and ROI.

Leverage the efficiencies and capabilities of managed IT services, all without wasting prior infrastructure investments.

Managed Services for Digital Infrastructure

  • Application Delivery Controller (ADC) 
  • Cloud-based Backups 
  • Hypervisor (VMware, Hyper-V) 
  • Network (Switches and Routers) 
  • Patch Deployment (Workstations, Servers, Network devices etc.) 
  • Security
    • Email Protection and Filtering 
    • Endpoint Security (Anti-Virus/Malware etc.) 
    • Firewalls
    • Vulnerability Scanning (Internal and External) 
  • Server (Physical or Virtual) 
  • Storage
  • Wireless
  • Workstation

The services listed above are selected to fit each customer’s unique environment and are combined into a contract based on need. We design our contracts around a usage-based subscription, which gives you flexibility to scale our services as your business needs change. 

Structured is a nationally acclaimed managed services provider (MSP) with unique expertise in applying information security, compliance and data protection strategies to enhance business operations. Further, CRN included Structured in its elite MSP Security 100 ranking, a designation highlighting MSPs that bring special focus to safeguarding users, devices, applications, and data — as well as delivering cloud-based security services.

AICPA SOC for Service Organizations logo

Structured Managed Services maintains the prestigious American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) SOC 2 certification.

Joe Hatton

Structured Professional Spotlight

Joe Hatton, Cloud Services Director

As Director of Cloud Services for Structured, Joe directs presales, services delivery, and engineering support conducted by Structured’s Cloud Services teams – which includes management of both the Managed Services and Unified Communications (UC) groups. Joe’s calm and thoughtful leadership coalesces Structured’s support organizations, providing a consistent vision and exceptional service delivery.