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Effectively managing WAN infrastructure is not a simple feat. First, a functional WAN depends on factors that often are outside an organization’s control. If a telecommunications carrier or internet service provider is experiencing problems, so will its customers. But for organizations with distributed networks, abandoning the WAN is not an option – especially since software-defined WANs solve so many connectivity and speed challenges for branch offices.

Still, WANs – even when they are software-defined – do require some installation work and troubleshooting that may require in-person attention. Not every distributed business can easily afford to have technical staff on-site at remote locations whenever there is an issue. Further, managing multiple carriers across geographies presents its own challenges. Working with different points of contact, varying service-level agreements, and even vastly different technologies requires time and expertise that may be in short supply.

Fortunately, there are managed services to offload SD-WAN and carrier management – a blessing for IT teams that are stretched a little thin. 


Structured, with its focus on security above all, takes a consultative approach with every customer and for all of its managed services. Our team works diligently to develop reliable, secure solutions that protect business. Also, unlike some agents that just act as a conduit to pass along problems to another agency to solve, Structured always maintains an interested and helpful stake in its clients’ concerns.

Structured also has partnered with Lightstream for managed SD-WAN and carrier services so our customers can enjoy the upside of robust connectivity without the downside of maintaining a large technical staff in case of hypotheticals. 

Rather than deal with many companies, customers of Structured and Lightstream enjoy a single point of contact for managing carrier contracts and services. We take care of procurement, connectivity, monitoring and management to provide you with peace of mind.

Eliminate complexity while advancing connectivity for your entire enterprise. 

Managed Services for SD-WAN and Carrier Services:

  • Personal Attention From a Concierge Management Team
  • Circuit Management
  • Cloud-based Backups 
  • Equipment Selection & Procurement
  • NOC & SOC Services
  • Professional Services
  • vCIO/vCISO Services
  • Vendor Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning

The services listed above are selected to fit each customer’s unique environment and are combined into a contract based on need. We design our contracts around a usage-based subscription, which gives you flexibility to scale our services as your business needs change. 

Structured is a nationally acclaimed managed services provider (MSP) with unique expertise in applying information security, compliance and data protection strategies to enhance business operations. Further, CRN included Structured in its elite MSP Security 100 ranking, a designation highlighting MSPs that bring special focus to safeguarding users, devices, applications, and data — as well as delivering cloud-based security services.

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Structured Managed Services maintains the prestigious American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) SOC 2 certification.

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David Ritchey

Structured Professional Spotlight

David Ritchey, Enterprise Networking Director

As the Enterprise Networking Director at Structured, David manages large and complex customer projects for enterprise LANs and WANs. A 20-year IT veteran, he is adept with the technologies and products from most major manufacturers and has significant experience working with ATM, MPLS, frame-relay, ISDN, Ethernet switching, dynamic routing, and internet services configuration and maintenance. Security and regulatory compliance is also of utmost concern in the projects he manages. More personally, this summer David was elected president of the board of directors for MINET (Monmouth Independence Network) which serves fiber to the home in the Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas areas.