Security at the Speed of Business

It is hard to imagine a modern job that does not rely, at least in some small way, on employees using applications to access, generate and transmit data. Even businesses and organizations that rely heavily on a workforce performing physical labor provide employees with applications for email, wayfinding, payroll and HR functions, and perhaps even on-site invoicing and payment collection.

Businesses that depend on data generated by so-called ‘knowledge workers’ are even more app reliant. Applications and data, whether they are accessed in an on-premises data center or in the cloud, are the key to all work – which is why they are primary targets for attack. 


The most recent Veracode State of Software Security found that of the 85,000 apps that were scanned over a 12-month period, 83% revealed a security flaw in the initial scan and two of three failed tests based on OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25. The good news is that many of these flaws could be remediated. Further, DevOps practices are improving all the time as programmers begin to code for security as well as function. 

Approach applications and data with a “security by default” mindset with Structured at your side.