Safeguard a Borderless Workforce

Protecting organizational data and assets from compromise used to mean that IT organizations built a strong perimeter
defense and monitored those walls for weaknesses or impending attack. Today’s mobile workforce, combined with the
security complications presented by hosting apps and data in a cloud environment, obliterated any semblance of a defensible border.

Today, information security professionals must protect a borderless, uncontained collection of employees, contractors
and partners – all using multiple devices from anywhere, at any time – from outside and within the secure boundaries of the corporate network.

Solutions for Security Analytics

Powerful analysis capabilities offered by machine learning, statistical models and threat signatures are driving a new breed of security tools that detect anomalies to prevent cybercrime – perpetrated by both unknown and insider threat actors.

These systems generally are cloud-based, providing them with the computing power required to keep up with the constant monitoring and machine learning iterations necessary for the platform. The baselines are built by models operating on key data from logs, netflow and packet streams — anything that characterizes an entity’s IT behavior.

Detect attacks by spotting small changes in behavior that may indicate evasion of traditional security defenses. Pinpoint abnormal behavior that, aggregated over time and put into context, will reveal a gestating attack.