Security From Ground to Cloud

Now that security measures must extend to wherever access decisions are made — home offices, coffee shops, hospital rooms, checkout lines, factory floors, and even inside traditional office spaces — old perimeter-centric security models are ineffective at stopping modern threats.

Users demand access to an increasing number of applications, operating across a wide range of device types, and often with little forethought about business or security risks. Meanwhile, IT professionals are dealing with multicloud computing, data center modernization, and mobility initiatives that require a rethink of how to enable access to applications and data while protecting network resources from a new, sophisticated class of advanced threats that evade traditional security constructs. 

This represents a new era for information security. Are you ready? 

Security Architecture Solutions

Today’s security architecture begins with protecting endpoints – smartphones, laptops, tablets, IoT devices, and even clunky desktop PCs. Any device that connects to applications, data and other corporate assets needs to be authorized, authenticated and secured against malware and other exploits.

Next-generation security tools and platforms reduce incident response times, assist in the discovery of unknown threats, and streamline security deployments across the enterprise. They safely enable applications, users and content by classifying all traffic, verifying privileges, and enforcing policies to protect access to relevant resources. Often aided by artificial intelligence and machine learning, these platforms help secure public and private cloud computing environments with increased visibility and control, enabling organizations to maintain security protection at the speed of machines against vulnerability exploits, viruses, spyware, botnets, ransomware and other malware.

No discussion of security architecture would be complete without addressing the importance of microsegmentation. Granular control over lateral communication (east-west traffic) is essential in light of today’s advanced exploits. Often, however, this is easier said than done. Microsegmentation requires a comprehensive understanding of everything that touches the enterprise and then mapping all connections between workloads, applications, and environments.

Adept at information security since our founding in 1992, turn to the original security architects at Structured to protect your enterprise. 

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A Structured Conversation About Security

Brad Pierce, Structured’s Vice President of Security Solutions, discusses a modern, comprehensive approach to protecting users, devices, corporate assets and infrastructure.