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Unlock the Power of a NOC Management Service Provider

Your network is the backbone of your operations. It keeps your data flowing, your communications humming, and your business operating smoothly. But no matter the size of your network operations center (NOC) and the team you have running it, it can be challenging to effectively monitor and maintain your company’s network infrastructure. 

At Structured, we understand how crucial your network is, so we offer reliable Network Operations as a Service (NOCaaS) solutions. Stay ahead of the evolving digital landscape by bringing on a scalable, widely experienced team of IT professionals to manage your network. This is the game-changing play your team needs.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) NOC Services model allows businesses to transfer the complexity and enormity of network management to our team of skilled professionals. Professionals, by the way, who are equipped with the latest tools and deepest expertise to detect, resolve, and prevent network issues around the clock. 

As an MSP and NOC service provider, we will take on monitoring, proactive maintenance, and reactive support of your hardware to keep your system ready for anything. Minimize hardware failures and last-minute emergencies when your team entrusts us with your network’s health. 

Structured’s comprehensive capabilities can monitor, manage, and support your organizational infrastructure for multiple vendors in complex heterogeneous environments. As your infrastructure ages or your business needs evolve, we also provide expert recommendations and alternative solutions to build a secure, sustainable, and cost-effective IT infrastructure that meets your performance goals.

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Explore the Advantages of Managed NOC Services

With Structured as your service provider handling network troubleshooting and issue resolution, your team can focus on projects that drive your business forward. Let Structured’s skilled staff help you regain control over your IT infrastructure so your in-house team can get back to projects that enhance your bottom line. 

Proactive Hardware Management:

Hardware failures can be disruptive and often lead to urgent interventions. Structured’s dedicated experts monitor your hardware infrastructure to detect potential issues before they escalate into costly and time-consuming emergencies. This proactive approach gives you confidence that your hardware is ready to perform its intended functions and has been secured against vulnerabilities, minimizing middle-of-the-night hardware emergencies.

Compliance Assurance: 

Structured’s Managed NOC services provide you with essential reporting, documentation, and regulatory patch compliance, which can help you meet stringent federal and state cybersecurity standards. 

In addition to Managed NOC services, Structured provides complementary security services via our Managed SOC and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams. These combined efforts offer a comprehensive approach to security, ensuring that your network remains secure, compliant, and resilient against an ever-evolving threat landscape. These additional services help you assess and define your risk tolerance while providing a clear picture of your regulatory compliance requirements and a blueprint for meeting them.

24/7 Network Monitoring: 

Your network operates around the clock, and so do we. Structured’s dedicated experts keep an unwavering eye on your network, providing continuous 24x7x365 monitoring and support for your most critical operations.

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Focus on what matters most: 

Global shortages of experienced IT engineers opens your company to security vulnerabilities, skills gaps, and high turnover due to burnout. Give your team their nights back and insulate against exposure by hiring Structured to take care of time-consuming — and often inconvenient — maintenance and monitoring. Let your engineers focus on the work that lets their skills shine – and improves your return on investment.

The services listed above are selected to fit each customer’s unique environment and are combined into a contract based on need. We design our contracts around a usage-based subscription, which gives you the flexibility to scale our services as your business needs change. 

Structured is a nationally acclaimed managed services provider (MSP) with unique expertise in applying information security, compliance, and data protection strategies to enhance business operations. Further, CRN included Structured in its elite MSP Security 100 ranking, a designation highlighting MSPs that bring special focus to safeguarding users, devices, applications, and data — as well as delivering cloud-based security services.

Supported brands


Cisco, a global provider of networking hardware and software solutions, forms the IT backbone of many organizations. Businesses can leverage Managed NOC Services to monitor their Cisco-based network infrastructure. Structured handles the day-to-day management tasks, ensuring continuous monitoring, patch updates, and hardware maintenance. 

HPE Aruba 

HPE Aruba offers a complete suite of wired and wireless technology that enables efficient communication and high availability from your core to your edge. Structured’s Managed NOC services help keep your Aruba environment running at peak performance so that your business does, too. 

Further, HPE Aruba ClearPass is the market’s best platform for secure network access control (NAC). It allows IT teams to be highly responsive, giving them deep visibility into and control over who and what gains access to network resources and company data. But while ClearPass is an incredible tool, appropriate management and maintenance of the platform can be time-consuming. It also requires a unique skill set that may not be readily available on your staff. 

For this reason, Structured developed Managed NAC for Aruba ClearPass. Multiply the benefit gained from this tool by partnering with Structured to provide core management. 


Juniper Networks provides innovative and industry-leading wired and wireless solutions for local and wide area networks. Structured’s Managed NOC services help keep this infrastructure as agile and performant as it was on Day 2. Structured’s services include comprehensive network monitoring and management, including proactive monitoring for hardware reliability as well as device firmware upgrades and patching as defined by best practices.  


The Fortinet next-generation firewalls, endpoint security products, and intrusion detection systems you own integrate into Structured’s NOC to enable real-time monitoring, alert validation, and escalation when required. Structured’s NOCaaS offering complements your security strategy by monitoring and maintaining your Fortinet technology so your team never compromises on performance.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks provides a robust foundation that enhances the security framework of
your operational environment. The cutting-edge technology of Palo Alto
Networks’ next-generation firewalls and comprehensive cloud security solutions
fortify your overall security posture. Entrusting your Palo Alto infrastructure
to Structured’s NOC team means you gain from our exceptional oversight and
meticulous management. This dedication ensures consistent equipment uptime and
optimal availability, freeing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your

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