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First, let us extend our most heartfelt wishes that you and those closest to you have been spared illness or financial hardship as a result of coronavirus. As a Pacific Northwest-based company with deep roots in Oregon and Washington state, this community and its collective health means everything to us.

Second, we are keenly aware of the massive disruption to business this pandemic is causing. We know you and your team are scrambling to keep your organization afloat by ensuring your workforce stays securely connected to business apps, data, and resources — no matter where those workers reside or what time they need access.

As our global community strives for continuity out of chaos, please know the team at Structured stands ready to assist. If there is one bright spot in this serious situation, it is that many of the world’s critical IT manufacturers and cloud service providers have reacted with integrity and decency. Most have taken measures to make remote work and monitoring tools very easy to obtain — and even free in some cases.

We want to help you access these tools or leverage the ones you already own to keep your organization secure, compliant, and moving forward for as long as it takes the world to collectively beat COVID-19.

If you have questions, realize you need some assistance, or want to incorporate secure remote work and business continuity technology in your environment, please contact your Structured account manager, email, or call 800.881.0962. Where needed, we can also help you temporarily (or permanently) scale to cloud resources and meet rapidly changing demand.

While Structured always is in close alignment with the technology manufacturers who mean the most to your business, we truly are being regularly informed of their plans to keep workers working. Cisco, Citrix, Palo Alto Networks, Pulse Secure, iland and many others are among those on the front lines of this global effort. As ever, please know we are your trusted, reliable link to the IT information and resources you need right when you need them.

In the meantime, we wish you, your loved ones, and your organization the very best of health – not just today, but for all time.

The Structured Team

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