Health Monitoring Technologies Make Public Spaces Safe and Secure for All

Health monitoring technologies
Don’t rely on signs to keep the people safe. Use health monitoring technologies instead.
By Ty Trabosh, Structured Chief Technology Officer

As lockdowns loosen and people gather once again for work, learning and play, we – as business owners, educators, and just plain old citizens – retain responsibility to prevent outbreaks of disease. Today, this means coronavirus, but tomorrow… who knows?

Fortunately, we can act today to ensure better public health for all time. Readily available, health monitoring technologies help protect all of us with minimal inconvenience while safeguarding our privacy and personally identifiable information (PII).

If you are tasked with creating or implementing your organization’s “safer public spaces” initiatives, here are some digital approaches that can help:

  • Proactive Elevated Body Temperature Detection Sensing
  • Automated Handwashing Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Monitoring
  • Automated Personal Protection Equipment Detection
  • Patient Monitoring

The solutions above facilitate near-effortless individual screening – even in crowds. Powerful analytics embedded in these technologies detect health risks in real time, such as an elevated body temperature, insufficient handwashing techniques, or even a cluster of too many people in a too-small space.

Admittedly, much of this sounds very Orwellian. But, these platforms are built with security and privacy in mind: password protection, firewalling, strong encryption, and SOC2 compliance. Some, like automated handwashing monitoring, are built on 3D Lidar systems that don’t track any PII.

We at Structured recognize the importance of strong public health practices supported by advanced technology. We stand ready to help you select and install the best platforms for your environment while ensuring your choices remain compliant with all data privacy laws and regulatory frameworks.

If time is of the essence, contact Structured today. Let us guide you through a painless deployment of life-saving health monitoring technologies. Don’t leave your safety – and the safety of those around you – up to a sign.

Ty Trabosh provides vision, direction, and executive management supporting Structured’s ever-growing technical teams. Committed to family (his own and the larger Structured team he leads), intellectually curious and compassionate, Ty embodies the best of what can happen when an engineer’s mind meets a leader’s heart.